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Cruise! Oct 4, 2011 - Cozumel Bar Hop

In 8 cruises, I’ve never really booked an independent excursion outside of the one time I went to Roatan and we hired a taxi for the day. I was a little worried about booking a bar hop that would leave us with only a 30 minute buffer to be back to the ship before it set sail. With prayers said and fingers crossed – and the trust in all the positive online reviews, we booked with and sent our $20 deposits to strangers in Cozumel in advance of the cruise. 

When we arrived in Cozumel, we followed the instructions on our confirmation emails, which led us out of the port area, down the street, and to a 7-11 convenience store as a meeting point. Ryan and Dana were with me and Jason, and with this being their first cruise and first port – I think they were wondering if they’d make it back to the ship with all their organs still intact. I reassured them that there were hundreds of positive reviews for this tour and not to worry. I could see how they’d be a little concerned!  READ MORE...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Here´s the long version of our tour! We hope you enjoy and get an idea about the experience, It´s real hoppers having fun! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TINAREALE Blog Experience doing Cozumel Bar Hop Tour!

We really appreciate when hoppers write about us! Here´s our first post about what hoppers blog about our tour! We hope you enjoy this compilation and feel free to leave a comment  and SHARE! Thanks Tina for a great review of Cozumel, And the pictures are lovely! 

Cozumel Bar Hop

by TINAREALE on MARCH 7, 2013
The last vacation recap. The last days. I can hardly believe it was almost a week ago. Apparently time doesn’t just fly when you’re having fun. It plain and simply flies regardless.
So, back to the last days of our cruise. Friday we had our last port of call – Cozumel, Mexico. I had been to Cozumel on a cruise before and really enjoyed it. My family and I mainly hit up the ruins and all the tourist area of the island, so I wanted to do something different when going with Peter.
Different we did. The Cozumel Bar Hop! This bar hop takes you to the other side of the island to visit four different stops. We opted for this tour for a few different reasons – the rave reviews, to see the other scenic side of the island, the foodie aspect, and for plain ole fun!
First stop on the tour? A cute little beach side bar called Punta Morena....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day(s)of the Dead is a Mexican holiday, a ritual where we honour our deceased relatives. Nov 1st is for the children who have passed, and the 2nd is for the adults. 

By tradition, the families of those who have died, set an offering (ofrenda) in their homes. This offering is a tribute to our dead, featuring their favourite meals and beverages.

Candles are lit and burn all night long, as it is believed that it will attract and guide their relative’s spirit to come visit their families, and enjoy the food and drinks that they used to like!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Goddess
 of Cozumel 

Hello to all our hoppers

This space is created in order to share more information about Cozumel, we noticed many hoppers love our island and we want to share more stuff beside our tour.  Can´t love what is not known.  So on this site we will  produce in addition to those who are already in love with the Island, much more stuff to discover.

Let's start with some of our ancestors:

Cozumel means "Island of the swallows" in Mayan.

On this island lived priest and nobles, Ix-Chel was the Goddess. The  Mayans use to worship in Cozumel. In Mayan mythology Ixchel was the goddess of love, of pregnancy, of textile works, moon and medicine. The Mayans who lived on land had to come at least one time in there life to thank the goddes for the blessings they received.

When their children were born, The mayans would come to the Island with the goddess and then the Priest would show them which would be there profession or what they would dedicate themselfs to in life.

It is also said that women who could not have children, would come and ask for the blessing of the goddess and she would grant them their wish.

In mayan mythology this is the story of her appearance
Mythology and Legends of Ixchel:

The mythology that an almighty god called Itzamna, son of the god, married the moon goddess Ixchel. The goddess Ixchel attributed the phenomena related to the moon, pregnancy, tissue and floods.
One of the most important temples are located on the island of Cozumel. Pole port (now Xcaret) canoes departing with pilgrims to the temple to ask the goddess Ixchel to the women to bear children in their pregnancies that their husbands wanted.

Ixchel is said that she took under her protection to the pilgrims who visit the holy island, Cozumel.
Here below you will find a picture of a statue, than a friend did for us, When he find out I was pregnant.

Sorry for english Hope you liked, and please leave your comments!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cozumel Bar Hop Tour Blog !

Hi Hoppers!
Welcome to our new Blog where every Thursday we'll post a new article about Cozumel and the Bar Hop, of course!
Lots of pics too, stay tuned!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


The Cozumel Bar Hop welcomes you to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico and invites you to explore the “Wild Side” - a stunning stretch of secluded beaches and rustic cool beach bars on the East Side of the island! The Cozumel Bar Hop is THE thing to do in Cozumel if you want to party ! Our air-conditioned "Party Bus" will take you across the island to the "Wild Side". A truly unique and undeveloped part of Cozumel, where we will stop at 4 gorgeous beach side bars, each welcoming us with a signature house shot! Our fun, friendly and qualified guides, have extensive experience working with Cozumel&s tourist industry and cruise ships and will be along for the ride to entertain, and answer any questions you have. The tour covers about 60km/40 miles and lasts approximately 5 hours...